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Joining the Peer College of the Martha Cheung Award

It is a great honour to be joining the Peer College of the Martha Cheung Award for Best English Article in Translation Studies by an Early Career Scholar awarded by the Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies.

Professor Martha Cheung was my mentor and the reason why I came to Hong Kong. She has shaped not only my doctoral research but also my approach to academia and academic writing. Professor Cheung introduced me to Hong Kong literature with her edited book Hong Kong Collage (1998). I will always treasure all our discussions about identity, translation, and literature.

The Martha Cheung Award aims to recognize research excellence in the output of early career researchers, and to allow them, like Professor Cheung herself, to make their voices heard in the international arena and play a role in charting the future directions of research in the discipline. The restriction of the award to articles published in English is also intended to ensure consistency in the assessment process.

This years award will be announced on 31 March 2021.


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